Hosting your Internet servers at the NETDOOR Co-location Facility protects your investment with the most advanced security and disaster-deterrent systems. Plus, flexible bandwidth provides ample throughput capacity, letting you optimize your server's performance.

Additional Technical information about our facilities.

NETDOOR offers comprehensive plans to cover all of your co-location needs.

  • Current Connections
    • Centurylink/Level3 (NAS)
    • Telepak Networks (JAN)

  • Data Center Specifications
    • Fully redundant HVAC system
    • Controlled temperature and humidity environment
    • FM-200 & Co2 Fire threat detection and suppression system
    • 24 x 7 critical monitoring and disaster prevention
    • 24 x 7 security access to facilities for emergencies
    • Physical/Electronic intrusion system - monitored 24/7/365
    • Redundant AC and DC power plants
    • Dual Fiber SONET Rings, Diverse Internet Providers
    • Dual Source generator with constant power
    • Diverse Routers and 10G Ring Infrastructure

  • Co-location Fees
    • Prices start at $125 for first server
    • Steep discounts available for half (20RU) and full racks (42RU) - as low as $32/RU
    • No setup fee for standard configurations!
    • Quick move in time - as little as 2 business days
    • Servers mounted in vented, fully enclosed racks
    • Discounted contract terms available - 30 Day Cancellation Notice

  • Includes
    • 1G Service Connection and up to 1 Terabyte Monthly Standard transfer included
    • Access to real people, day or night to ensure your satisfaction
    • All Internet access fees, no hidden charges
    • As many Public IPs as can be justified
    • "Remote hands" and rebooting once per day
    • Redundant Power. 120V/208V/208V-3phase AC
      or -48VDC
    • Access to bandwidth graphs via protected webpage
    • Primary and Secondary DNS
  • Optional Services
  • Notes
    • Equipment must be rack mountable in a 19" enclosure. Up to 32" deep.
    • All Equipment must be inspected and meet current criteria before machine can be co-located.
    • Customer must provide their own insurance on all equipment provided and housed at NETDOOR's co-location facility.






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