Co-location Fees and Specifications

NETDOOR's Co-location service is aimed at those companies and individuals wishing to place their production server(s) at our facility to connect to the Internet through our redundant backbone connections. We have a telco grade facility and is the premiere choice in Mississippi for disaster ready Internet access.

Power Systems

We will provide the necessary wiring to our racks via 120VAC or –48VDC based on the Customer’s specifications for up to 3 amps per 2RU leased. Additional power requirements will be considered on an individual case basis and must be approved by management. AC power for co-located customers equipment will be provided by a Powerware 9170+ UPS system. DC power is provided by our facilities redundant -48VDC power plant.

Backup Power

The Powerware 9170+ UPS system has built-in batteries and an in-service bypass switch for maintenance to our power systems. We have also installed a Cummins Quite Site generator for our back-up power needs. It utilizes natural gas as a main fuel source and also has a backup fuel source of propane with a 500-gallon tank. To support the facility during a transition from utility power to generator power, is a redundant –48VDC power plant.

Fire Supressesion

We have installed two different fire suppression systems. A Kidde FM-200 Fire Suppression system is installed in our main co-location room and battery room. This system is cross-zone protected. It utilizes FM-200 as the active fire suppression agent. It is designed to fully discharge FM-200 into the protected area within 10 seconds after receiving an actuation signal. FM-200 suppresses a fire by “flooding” the protected area with a 7% concentration. It actively attacks the fire itself, soaking up heat like a sponge soaks up liquid and breaking down the fire’s molecular structure.

A Kidde CO2 Fire Suppression system is installed in our UPS room. This system is also cross-zone protected. It utilizes CO2 as the active fire suppression agent. Carbon Dioxide extinguishes a fire by reducing the oxygen content of the protected area below the point where it can support combustion. Due to the extreme density of the Carbon Dioxide, it quickly and effectively permeates the protected hazard area and suppresses the fire. Rapid expansion of the 4-6 inches of Carbon Dioxide snow to gas reduces the ambient temperature in the protected hazard area, which aids in the extinguishing process and retards re-ignition.

HVAC System

Fully redundant Liebert Challenger 3000 air handlers are installed. The units provide a quality environment and run at separate intervals to maintain the temperature and humidity levels.


An intruder alert system has been installed with motion and glass-break sensors in every section of our building. This system is monitored by SentryNet 24/7/365 as well as by Network Operations. A surveillance system is also installed with cameras located in the co-location space and on the outside of the building. The cameras activities are recorded and stored for 12 days. A 1200 lbs. Magnalock door release mechanism has been installed at the only allowed entrance to the facility.

Rack Space

Customer’s equipment will be installed in a safe and secure cabinet. Equipment must be rack mountable, which means that it must be in a 19" rack mounted box. Rack space is provided in 1RU increments at a base of 2 rack units (2RU). All Equipment must be inspected by our NOC administrators and meet current criteria before a machine can be co-located. Customers must provide proof of insurance on all customer- provided equipment housed at our facility.

Monitoring and Disaster Prevention

We pride ourself in the ability to monitor each and every system we maintain in our facility. We use multiple tools and procedures in a front line, proactive approach towards the detection of potential network failures. Multiple network monitoring programs running across several platforms are installed. The variety and combination of programs helps insure strict and redundant monitoring of the network resources. Our monitoring procedures provide accurate problem reporting, assistance in effective troubleshooting, and the development of procedures to anticipate and prevent future events affecting network availability.

Backbone Connections

We currently have two diverse connections to the Internet. One is a 1 Gigabit connection over SONET to the Level3 Network and secondly we have a DS3 circuit to New Edge Networks over a different fiber provider. These circuits are transported over OC-12 or higher connections via diverse fiber entrances into our facility.

All our connections are monitored and the status of each is available on our NOC bandwidth web page.

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