We began as a small start-up in 1995 and have grown into a major component of the Mississippi Internet Solutions Provider marketplace. Internet Doorway -- or NETDOOR to its devoted customers -- was incorporated in March of 1995 with the help of several small investors. We commenced operations early in May with a website, company brochure and a mission. The news of quality customer service and a performance minded company spread by word-of-mouth enabled us to grow quickly.

In mid 1996, we moved from our offices in North Jackson to our corporate headquarters in downtown Jackson to be closer to the major telecommunications providers. This enabled us to increase our capabilities at a much greater rate without negatively impacting our customers and our renown reliability. With a wholly owned and established co-location center completed, we moved into the next phase of Internet deployment by offering server co-location, fiber related services, DC powerplant access and more recently Metro Ethernet.


NETDOOR has seen a lot of firsts in it's history. We were the first commercial ISP in Mississippi to have a T1 connection to the Internet, the first to have more than one local point of presence and the first to have multiple gateways to the Internet. NETDOOR was also the first to lead the way in high speed 56K analog access, as well as being the first in the state to support the ITU v.90/56k and USR x2 standard on 100% of our modems. As well, we were the first privately held ISP to offer DSL access.

In January of 2001, NETDOOR added a new state-of-the-art co-location facility to it's growing list of accomplishments. With the advanced security and disaster-deterrent systems available, plus flexible bandwidth offerings, we provide ample throughput and capacity. Our goal is to provide protection for both ours and our customers' investments while allowing for optimization of server performance and Internet access. Dual fiber providers were added in 2006 as well as our first offering of Metro Ethernet - now with speeds up to 1000 Megabytes per second.

Server Virtualization anyone? Yeah, we've got that. Starting in 2009, we rebuilt our entire business infrastructure on green technology. Strategies such as virtualization, network storage, hot-cold aisle containment, cabinet level high voltage power and more were utilized not only to help the planet but for operational savings as well.

The Future

As other ISP's have come and gone, we have prospered. NETDOOR has never changed hands or focus since its inception, even as similar companies fold, sell out, or change their market strategy. We have thrived with the help of many different people from all walks of life, each of whom has maintained what we call the "Spirit of NETDOOR" throughout their association with us. We have given our customers the best level of service we could and they have given us years of steady patronage and have brought their friends into the fold.

The driving force behind NETDOOR's success has been the support team, communication with customers, and a commitment to quality service. As a result of this commitment to excellence, the initial subscriber base has grown to thousands. Each business decision is carefully evaluated against how it will affect our customers, as they are the ultimate judges of our success.


That's why we offer great technical support - and have since 1995! We want to make sure that customers have access to all of the best possible services as well as top-notch technical support for those services. We are always looking for additional services to provide our customers to help prove we are "Mississippi's ISP" and the best choice for business and residential Internet service. We do this by providing the latest, proven Internet technology, equipment, support and services.

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