What Equipment Do I Need?

To use this service you will need a compatible ADSL modem which you can purchase from us. We are now offering the "self-install" option for our new customers. This unique offering allows us to offer ADSL service (to those that qualify) without the need for an onsite visit.

  • The "self-install" package includes the following:
    • 1 ADSL modem
    • Up to 3 inline filters
    • OR 1 wall-mount filter
    • 6 1/2 ft Phone cord
    • Driver Software and Instructions

  • Models Available:
    • DSL Modem wth Ethernet/WiFi and 4 port switch - $60 (plus tax)
    • 1-YEAR Warranty

  • Additional Accessories:
    • Inline Filter - $7.95 each
    • Wall Mount Filter - $9.95 each
    • 2 Line Adapter - $4.99 each
    • Phone line (can be purchased from a local hardware and/or electronics store)
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