"Always On" connection
5 Email addresses
50 Megs - Total Email space
10 Megs - personal web space
FREE Webmail
Local Technical Support

What else is included? -- the free stuff!

  • 50 Hours of Backup Dial-Up Access
    NOTE: This applies only to dial-up
    access and not DSL access.
    DSL has unlimited connection time.
  • Internet Relay Chat, AIM, ICQ
  • Ultra Fast Gaming Performance

How much does it cost?

Multiple Speeds available:
  • 1.5M x 384K - $45 Per month
  • 3.0M x 384K - $60 Per month
  • Setup fee WAIVED with purchase of equipment ($50 Value!)
Package Comparison
  • Flat rates, no hidden fees or service charges
  • The monthly fee covers DSL line charges and internet services but does not include your regular phone service bill from the phone company.

What equipment do I need?

  • Compatible Modem
  • Wall/Line Filters (included with the self-install kit)
  • Free Shipping
  • More Info
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