Speed Options
Standard Plus Plus + 1GB Static IPs
6.0M x 768k
$75.00 $100.00 $120.00 $25.00
12.0M x 1.0M
$99.00 $124.00 $144.00
18.0M x 1.5M
$115.00 $140.00 $160.00
24.0M x 3.0M
$125.00 $150.00 $170.00
45.0M x 6.0M
$145.00 $170.00 $190.00
75.0M x 8.0M
$175.00 $200.00 $220.00
  • Plus: includes web, DNS and email hosting including filtering @ 500M/box for 20 users for your domain
  • Plus + 1GB: All the features of PLUS but 1Gig/box for 20 users for your domain or domains.
  • Static IPs (5): Fixed IP addresses allow for internal servers such as a Remote VPN, hosting your own email or web servers and similar uses.
  • Ordering/Installation
    • We order the service for you
    • Telco will not condition line
    • Speed is distance limited
    • 12-month service term required
  • Setup & Equipment
    • Setup & Equipment: $100.00
    • Professional Installation: includes establishing your Internet connection, testing connectivity and establishing WiFi security.
    • Built-In NAT, Firewall, DHCP and WiFi Services
  • Other services available:
    • Cloud Backup, Server Collocation, Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting
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