Virtually Unlimited Access

As you probably already know, we love it when people gain as much satisfaction out of the Internet as our customers do. Our flat rate per month for dial-up access accounts allows anyone to use the system interactively for an average of just over 8 hours a day, 30 days a month or over 14,400 minutes (250 hours) in a 30 day period. This is what NETDOOR defines as "virtually unlimited" usage.

When dialing up, please remember that your lease on a dynamic IP lasts for 8 hours. After this time has passed you will need to log back in to obtain a new IP number from the dynamic IP pool. This IP assignment policy is not applicable for static IP addressed accounts or dedicated dial-ups, although the time limits on IP's may apply.

Any usage over 250 hours in a 30 day period, is considered "dedicated". This large number is almost unreachable by mere mortals, so we do heavily monitor monthly usage.

NOTE: The average customer spends just under 50 hours a month online.

For more information on appropriate use of your Netdoor account please review our Acceptable Use Policy.