NETDOOR offers comprehensive Voice over IP (VoIP) plans to cover all of your needs. We offer Hosted VoIP, Integrated VoIP and hybrid solutions that are custom tailored for each business. Please contact us for a personalized quote and see how quick and easy it is to start saving on your telecommunications costs .

What is Voice over IP?

The Basics

Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology that allows you to make voice calls using a broadband Internet connection, which offers lower costs and greater functionality than traditional phone systems.

How VoIP Works

Instead of using telephone sets that transmit analog signals, VoIP converts your voice to little packets of data that are transmitted through the Internet. Each packet of data has its own instructions on where the packet is to be sent. The packets travel the Internet by taking the nearest router until it reaches the recipient. When the packets are received, they are reassembled and relayed to the recipient.

Benefits of VoIP

VoIP doesn’t just replace previously used technologies. Instead, it allows for greater functionality and lower costs by boosting employees productivity. VoIP increases the speed and efficiency of making contact and delivering valuable information to clients and colleagues. VoIP is able to boost productivity by:

  • Creating a remote environment to support initiatives such as telecommuting and office hoteling
  • Providing single number access to voice mails, faxes and emails through unified messaging and Find Me / Follow Me features
  • Integrating with web-based contact manager software which provides Click-to-talk access solutions and other advanced features

Not only does VoIP offer superior functionality over traditional business phone systems, VoIP enables your organization to avoid expenses such as:

  • Monthly local and long distance charges
  • PBX analog or digital trunk charges
  • Monthly leased lines between office locations
  • Annual maintenance contracts
  • System upgrade charges for every move, add-on or change
  • Loaded labor rates for telecom maintenance staff
  • Power, HVAC and space charges
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