Dedicated T1 - Flexible Discount Rates
Unlimited $450.00 1-Year Agreement
Unlimited $400.00 2-Year Agreement
Unlimited $350.00 3-Year Agreement
Need more than one T1 to get the job done? Just order two or more circuits and make up to a 6MB x 6MB data service. Cisco router required.
  • Free Advanced Web Hosting and Email
    • URL: ""
    • $50.00/month Value
    • Commercial Email Services for up to 25 Users
  • Included TCP/IP Services
    • Domain Name Service
    • Class 'C' IP Number Assignment and Routing
    • TCP/IP Network Consulting
  • Telco Installation
    • NETDOOR will order line for you
    • Order Leadtime 14-21 days
    • Monthly local loop rates will vary depending on distance
    • We will find you the best rate!
  • Equipment Provided (FREE!)
    • New Customers Only
    • Cisco IP Router
    • T1 CSU/DSU and IOS IP Only Software
    • Free for the term of the contract
  • Setup Fee Waived (Normally $500)

* All T1 prices are based on a contract term of no less than 12 months. Upload and download rates of 1.54Mb. Local loop prices vary and prices shown reflect the lowest telco prices available. A member of our sales team will be able to provide a quote for actual service rates.

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