Error 551

If you attempted to send e-mail to anyone in the domain and you received the following message:

551 We don't accept mail from your domain.
See http:/

then you are attempting to send e-mail from within a domain (or from an address) that has been reported to us by our customers to be a source of unsolicited e-mail. Many of our customers have expressed complaints at receiving e-mail from your domain or address. As a result, your domain or address is not allowed to send e-mail to our customers at this time unless you can prove to the administration of Internet Doorway, Inc. that you do not send unsolicited e-mail to its customers, increasing the traffic on their network and the load on their mail server.

A note to mailing-list moderators : If you received this message and you run a mailing list, please remain calm and fill out the form below. We never intentionally ban a mailing list, but sometimes it does happen. Sometimes, the mailing list software can cause the message to be rejected. In addition, sending mail from IP's that do not resolve will also generate the above message.

Occasionally, a domain/address may be banned improperly. Keep in mind that no address is banned without reason. Most of the time it's due to user complaint, however there may be extenuating circumstances. If you feel that your domain/address has been banned in error or you wish to be allowed to send mail in from a banned domain use the form below to tell us. This form will automatically send a message to Our administrative team has this filter in order to help ensure that the e-mail sent to our users is unobtrusive and if you need to e-mail into this domain, they will work with you. We try to be as cooperative as possible, so keep that in mind if you fill out the form below.

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