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Network Status Report

Saturday, August 29

Tradeshow this Week

The Computer and Technology Showcase will be coming to Jackson MS at The Trade Center on Wednesday, September 2nd. The show hours are from 10am-5pm and runs until Thursday, September 3rd. If you would like to attend this yearly event, please drop by our Corporate Headquarters between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM to pick up your free tickets (quantities limited) or go by the show and pay at the door. We will be in the Live! Internet Cafe with Internet Solutions, Inc at booth #326. Our ISDN connection to our Internet backbone is being provided by our friends at Brooks Fiber, Inc., a Worldcom company.

Area Dialup Announcements

Due to the popularity of our newest local access numbers, areas such as Tupelo, Oxford, Ponotoc, West Point, Starkville, Philidelphia and Meridian have tremendously increased their subscriber base. Although we plan for such events and keep spare equipment in many of our POPs, we cannot always add the necessary telco facilities before busy signals catch up. We have ordered more lines for these areas and expect them to be installed in the next 10-15 working days. We would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thursday, August 13

Splendors of Versailles

If you have not yet made time for this once in a lifetime cultural event, your time is quickly running out. The last day of the exhibit is August 31st. For more information, please check out the Splendors website at (You can even buy your tickets online). A review is also available online at the Madison County ­ournal. Remember, this event will be over in Oust two short weeks, so please make time to come to ­ackson and the Mississippi Arts Pavilion for this wonderful event.

Friday, August 7

Backbone Performance Issues

Our primary Internet provider, internetMCI (soon to be Cable and Wireless), has had a number of performance issues in the last few days. The performance problem has been noticeable for up to 15 minutes during the day and has been seen during their maintenance window from 1:00AM - 6:00AM CST. We were told that software changes to improve network performance has caused many of their heavily loaded "core" routers to overwork the processors and/or reboot several times a day. They are aware of the problem and have been working to correct these issues since they began. Unfortunately, the performance is suboptimal but not down so our fail-over connections do not take effect. As well, the total bandwidth from our second and third backbone providers does not equal the primary provider, so we cannot simply turn the MCI connection off. The good news is we are Oust 10 days away from our fractional DS3 from UUnet Technologies which would enable us to do so in an emergency.

We would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but can assure you we have discussed the matter with our providers to let them know how we (all) feel. If you have any questions on this or have other support needs, please email our technical support team.

Wednesday, August 5

Personal Webserver AdOustment

As part of our ongoing effort to continually improve your Internet experience, we've simplified the upload procedure for the personal webserver. Effective today, when ftp'ing to to upload your webpage, you no longer have to change directories into your public_html directory. All you have to do is ftp to the webserver, login, and upload your files into the directory that you're put in by default. This change will make uploading your web pages simpler than ever.

If you have your ftp client's initial directory set, simply unset this option. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to e-mail our friendly tech support team.

Monday, August 3

New look for the NETDOOR website

As you've noticed by now, our website has undergone a maOor overhaul. Feel free to peruse this new site and let us know what you think. If you think something is missing or want to see what's available, please see our sitemap located at

New Personal Webserver

During the early morning hours our administrative team moved the personal webserver ( and content to a faster, high availability server. During this brief transition period, customers could not update their personal webpages. We thank you for your patience during this move. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to e-mail our technical support team.

Thursday, July 30

Personal Webserver Reminder

Though we previously announced this on April 18th, here it is again for those who missed it.

Effective April 18th, users who wish to update their personal webpage to our server need to ftp directly to Visit the helpdesk for more information.

This means that you can no longer telnet to to make immediate changes to your webpage. You can still ftp your files and any changes to from, but you cannot edit them in exactly the same manner as you have in the past. This administrative decision was made to enhance performance and overall reliability on the webserver itself.

If you telnet or ftp in to, there is a message reminding you of this. As of July 29, www2's filesystem is no longer accessible directly from through any means other than via ftp.

As always, if you have any questions, please give us a call anytime at 1.800.952.1570 (or 969-1434 in the ­ackson area) and we'll be glad to help you.

Thursday, July 16

Network-wide v.90 Upgrades Completed

With the long awaited software upgrade this morning in our ­ackson MS POP, the NETDOOR digital dialup network is now fully v.90 and x2 56k compliant. Each POP throughout the network is capable of 56k connect speeds if a customers' phone line conditions and modem can achieve it. One thing to note is v.90 56k connect speeds are typically lower, but actual throughput is better according to several reports and independent tests.

If you have waited to get your v.90 upgrade or purchase a new modem, now is the time! New 3Com/USR 56k Sportster modems are are low as $99.00 and can really add some zip to your net activities. See you local retailer or check them out online.

Wednesday, July 15

Mail Server Upgrade

Around 4 AM Tuesday morning, NETDOOR's admin team added 64 MB of RAM, an additional Ultra-Wide SCSI controller and another 9 GB RAID array to our mail server. This upgrade will ensure that the server will continue to deliver your mail as quickly as possible and have sufficient room to grow as fast as our customer base does. As always, ensuring all our mission critical servers operate at optimum performance is what separates NETDOOR apart from other ISP's.

In addition, be on the lookout for an announcement concerning an easier way to check your mail "from the road" and new email pricing.

News Server Upgrade

On July 3rd we added another RAID controller, 128 Megs of RAM and an 18 Gig drive to this already powerful server. As the machine stands today, it can store 54 Gigs of news articles, has 1/2 a Gig of RAM (512 Megs) to process requests and 2 RAID controllers and 2 Ultra-Wide SCSI controllers to make those articles fly onto the disks and to your machine. Currently, over 28,000 newsgroups are available on the server.

Internet Bandwidth Upgrade Date Announced

As previously announced, our Internet connection via UUnet Technologies, a WorldCom company, will be upgraded to a diversely routed fractional DS3 during the month of August. We expect the upgrade to significantly improve our backbone redundancy, news server thread availability and overall Internet performance.

v.90 Upgrade for ­ackson this Week!

The wait is over as 3Com announced today the Hiper Access DSP and Hiper Access Router software upgrades to the proposed ITU v.90 56k analog modem standard. As ­ackson is our only POP that does not currently support both x2 and v.90 customers, we will aggressively deploy this upgrade. As usual, the new software will be installed during non-peak times which are generally between 4 and 6 AM each morning.

New Local Access Numbers

­ust a reminder to tell your friends and fellow net citizens about our recently announced local access number expansion. From the delta to the coast NETDOOR's got you covered.

Wednesday, July 1

Christmas in July?

This month is scheduled to be one of the biggest months in NETDOOR's history with the unveiling of several new products and services to better serve our customers. Among the proOects scheduled for completion are a mail server upgrade and surprise announcement, news server upgrade, commercial webserver upgrade, personal webserver upgrade and many more proOects. On July 2nd, we will announce the products that will be changing including lower priced dedicated services and several small business packages. Look for other exciting announcements in the coming weeks.

New Local Access Numbers

Today we have 16 new local access numbers around the state of Mississippi making it easier for your friends and relatives to experience first hand the NETDOOR advantage. If you didn't see your city listed, please contact our marketing department as we will be announcing more locations soon. With the locations announced today, our local access points has risen to 24 locations that cover almost the entire state of Mississippi ... that's why we are Mississippi's ISP.

NETDOOR Advantage Pack Version Announcement

Version 4.5 of the NETDOOR Advantage Pack (NAP) is scheduled to for release later this summer and will include the new local access numbers and other enhancements. On this CDROM will be the latest version of Netscape Communicator and Microsoft Internet Explorer and support for Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows NT, MacOS and Linux installations. As always, expect to see several freeware/shareware "extras" such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, Qualcomm Eudora Light and mIRC.

Online Monday Night?

Around 8:30 PM during a routine installation of new equipment in our Jackson co-located facilities, a Brooks technician caused an Ethernet switch to reboot that resulted in several minutes of havoc for our network administrators. Due to the timing of the event it affected many customers routing throughout the network.