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Network Status Report

Monday, June 28

ADSL is here!

We've seen a lot of firsts in our company's history, including being the first to lead the way in high speed 56K analog service two years ago. Today we witness another first ... ADSL service! Find out all about our new ADSL service in our ADSL information center and in our press release. As always, we look forward to continue bringing you technology from the cutting edge.

Tuesday, June 22

New Internet Service - TBA

On Monday, June 28, NETDOOR will be announcing an exciting new Internet service that will be available to many Jackson Metro customers. This new service will enable both ISP and customer to take advantage of new advances in telephone company services. Look for it on Monday!

Physical Server Moves

During the early morning hours of Friday, June 25, we will be moving many of our mission critical servers such as mail, news, web, dns and authentication and other servers into more secure housing at our Worldcom co-location facility. Although this outage will be a few minutes for each machine, it will effect all customers at varying levels while the machines are moved from rack to rack. We would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but utilize the early morning hours for system maintenance and upgrades.

New Gaming Page

Computer gaming is a very exciting field today with the advent of faster computers, video cards and even greater ideas from some of the best software engineers in the business. As a long time host of gaming servers, not to mention tourament players such as UltraP in his quest for the Ferarri in 1997, we have created a webpage that's all about gaming. Check out the new NETDOOR Gaming Page at

Thursday, May 6

Network Capacity Upgrade

Once again we have upgraded our primary backbone connection to Worldcom/UUnet Technologies in order to meet increased customer needs and provide capacity for the future. What this means to the customer is a speedier, smoother flow of data from the Internet to us. If you'd like to monitor our performance as well, take a peek at Meanwhile, we will continue to keep a close eye on the future capacity needs of our customers.

New Helpdesk -

Every now and then we all need a little help and using the Internet is no different. That's why we offer 24/7 support - and have since 1995! We recently completed our updated helpdesk called your one stop shop for all your support needs. We want to make sure that customers have access to all of the best possible services as well as top-notch technical support for those services. We'd like to encourage you to browse the new support site whether you are in need of support, general info, or you just want to brush up on your Internet knowledge and skills. Let us know what you think about our new support site so we can continue to improve it for everyone.

System-Wide Upgrades in Progress

Although any growing ISP is in a constant state of upgrade, we sometimes go a little overboard to ensure we can continue to meet customer demands. With this in mind, we have taken on quite a few projects and will be completing these all within the month of May. Just to name a few :

Modems - New modem code for all cities. 3com release notes discuss better connect rates and staying power for non-3com/USR modems such as Rockwell and Lucent modems found in many PC's today.

Servers - Many of our primary servers are on RAID hardware to ensure data integrity is kept even when hard drives fail. But we are even taking this to further extents with virtually all services to be on RAID hardware and redundant power supplies. Check out our servers page on and you will see what we mean about HORSEPOWER!

POPs - We have already made many capacity upgrades this year due to the large volume of customers we signed up in the first quarter of 1999. Although we may not announce them all, we constantly monitor the network and plan for capacity months in advance. Most recently we upgraded Philadelphia, Meridian, Tupelo, Oxford, Columbia, Vicksburg and Crystal Springs.

News Server Upgrade

Our UseNet News server has been upgraded to a full 90 Gigs worth of article space. With over 25 Gigs a day on peak days no news server should be with less. We are also testing a service known as "chaining" which is used to dramatically improve the completeness of articles in a series. Chaining was developed by bCandid (formerly know as HighWind) and uses other news servers added to our own to achieve a more complete list of available articles. Try it out today and tell us what you think.

Thursday, April 1

New Local Points of Presence

In the past few weeks we have completed the installation of our "physical" POPs in the towns of Columbia and Philadelphia with Oxford expected to be completed by Friday, April 9. What this has done is enable us to provide a more reliable dialup service using the local phone facilities of those cities and lower the load on nearby POPs like Meridian and Tupelo (as of April 9th). In addition, we can now offer local businesses an access point to the Internet so they too can join the thousands of companies enjoying the benefit of being connected. If you need more information on how you and your business can benefit from this please call our Commercial Sales Department at 800.952.1570 or email today.

MultiLink PPP/Shotgun Modem Technology Available

Dialup Internet consumers always want more speed out of their Internet service so they may download graphic intensive sites, software updates and other high bandwidth applications faster but want more cost effective options available to them. The expensive alternatives like ISDN, xDSL, Cable and Satellite sound great on paper but when it comes time to take out the wallet it can be a little more than most are willing to spend. MultiLink PPP or "ShotGun" technology can use regular analog phone lines to achieve comparable download performance as ISDN without having to purchase expensive copper from the phone company. Many operating systems like Windows 98/NT, Linux and others can use standard modems as well as special dual channel modems to get you going with this alternative. Check out this informative report on for more details.

This service is currently available in all our pops except Jackson and Hattiesburg (due to their size). We expect those sites to be MPP ready before the end of the quarter or whenever we feel the service can be provided more reliably on such a large scale. The cost for an MPP account is only $35.00 a month.

Quake 3 Around the Corner

As usual, we are always looking for additional services to provide our customers to help prove we are "Mississippi's ISP" and the best choice for personal and commercial Internet service. We do this by providing the latest Internet technology, equipment and services such as webmail and free email addresses, online network statistics, and the performance and reliability you would expect from the state's largest and most experienced Internet Service Provider.

In a few days, id Software will once again take the gaming industry by storm with the long awaited release of a multiplayer test of Quake 3: Arena. We will have a server ready for you within 4 hours of its release! When the full version comes out a short time later, be assured that we will have it for your gaming enjoyment. For more information, please check out the following URLs:

Official Site:
Latest report on Q3test:
Netdoor's Quake 3 Page, check here for the latest news:

Saturday, February 20

Network Operations Online

Ever wonder how much bandwidth we have to each network backbone or how much is left over for you? Now you can see for yourself! has many great features of interest to our customers. Now you can get detailed network information showing incoming and outgoing traffic through each of our network connections as well as standard tools like traceroute, ping, and nslookup from the web. We even have descriptions of several servers. We will be adding more information to this as the need arises so let us know what you're interested in.

New Billing Hours

Starting Monday, February 22 the billing department will be open from 8:00 AM-6:00 PM to better serve you. The new hours are being offered to help ensure customers arriving home after work will not have to wait until the next business day before having their questions answered. We would also like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of our 24 hour online billing center at where outstanding and paid invoices can be seen, credit card information can be updated and where other customer changes can be made.


You wanted it, you got it! Half-Life appears to be the next big thing in gaming and we're bringing you a server where you and your friends can face off in this exciting new game. Just one more way that we aim to please. For more information, please check out our Half-Life page.

Saturday, January 16

Upgrade Season!

In the last few weeks, we have upgraded the mail server, news server, webmail server, commercial web server, primary Internet connection and many of our local access sites. But that does not mean we are going to stop for a moment and rest. We have plans to upgrade our Philadelphia, Columbia and Oxford sites in the next 45 days, along with several new local access numbers in the weeks to come. Hold on - this year will be another wild ride.

A better place to begin -

We are pleased to announce the newest service to our customers with Start. Customers that are new to the Internet, former AOL customers and those who want to jump right to a website without going through the hassle of searching through bad links and poor search results now have a place to call home. Our web team has been working on this project for some time and need your input to make it even better so check it out today.

From the President's desk

"Since opening in 1995, we have maintained a policy of continual upgrades to our access numbers, equipment, services, personnel and procedures in order to help sustain a high level of customer satisfaction and network reliability. If you ever doubt the level of service and value of having NETDOOR, just ask someone who uses another ISP. We will continue to work hard for you in the coming year and show you we really are - Mississippi's ISP."

                                              Marshall Morgan

If you have any questions, comments or interesting NETDOOR rumors, send them to the top - email Marshall and let him know. His hard work and dedication to us all is what helps separate us from the other guys. Everyone counts.